Prevention of osteoarthritis

In the medical community osteochondrosis is defined as a chronic disease of the spine, caused degerativnye-dystrophic changes in its structure. About 80% of the adult population is susceptible to the development of this common disease. Often the first signs of the disease are diagnosed at the age of 20-30 years and with age even more worse.

First of all, osteochondrosis manifests itself by the occurrence of back pain. Scientists believe the disease is one of the consequences of the aging process of the human body.

Usually, low back pain affects the lumbar spine, but such modifications may affect the cervical and thoracic.

Prevention of osteoarthritis involves observing a few simple rules:

1. If you need exercise, you need to drink water or any other liquids to prevent dehydration. Displacement of intervertebral disc may occur, if they will not be absorbed sufficient moisture.

2. Back massage can speed up the metabolic processes and to disperse the blood.

3. When lifting heavy things, it is recommended to use the belt of the weightlifter, which will help to avoid displacement of the discs of the spine.

4. Not worth it to pick up and hold objects with their hands. Such position of the body when lifting and carrying of loads increases the load on your spine dozens of times. To lift an object you want to sit down next to him on the squat and stand together with him. It should thus distribute the weight of the load to the spine when lifting remained straight.

5. If the spine were provided with any load, it is recommended to hang. When the operation time is long, hanging, periodically, or if this is not possible, at least to stretch, lifting up their hands.

6. You must try to avoid sudden movements. In particular, this applies to rotations of the body while bending.

7. Evenly distribute the load. In no event it is impossible to wear a bag in one hand. If the item you need to bear in front of him, then you should keep it on as much as possible close to the body. When it is sent not to put her hands.

8. Smaller are in a bent state when the cleaning of the apartment. Less standing and bending over.

9. To move heavy loads over long distances requires the use of a cart, bag, suitcase on wheels or backpack.

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10. Use special orthopedic pillows, they will protect your spine during sleep. Parents can purchase children's orthopedic pillow, the pillow, the baby can sleep almost from birth.

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