Prevention of dysbiosis

It is better not to treat and prevent - the Golden rule for the prevention of dysbacteriosis. This disease is difficult to cure, so prevention is best to start in infancy. Even expectant mothers should already during pregnancy to prepare for the birth of a healthy baby: to comply with diet and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the treatment of dysbacteriosis strictly individual, and it is difficult to find a more or less similar methods of treatment for different people. In this case, the ideal option is the prevention of dysbacteriosis, the rules of which are the same for all.

Identification of the cause of dysbiosis is its primary prevention. It follows that preventing the causes of dysbiosis, you thereby carry out preventive measures. They are as follows:

1) Healthy food. One of the main conditions of a healthy digestive system and body in General. Consult with an experienced nutritionists, try different diets. Importantly, in no case do not stick to inadequate diets - they don't give the desired rate of vitamins.

2) Dysbiosis can be caused by various chemical substances, poisonous food. Therefore, it is possible to choose organic products for your menu.

3) you should Not take antibiotics, especially without prescription.

4) a Greater threat to the body is acetaldehyde,which is included in all alcoholic beverages. Remember: alcohol is poison!

5) Such seemingly invisible factor as stress also affects the development of dysbiosis. So fill your life with bright moments. If stress is unavoidable, you can enlist the help of anxiolytics or sedatives.

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