Prevention of cancer

Every year thousands of people around the world die from cancer. The risk of breast cancer every person, and even the best oncologists may not always help. But if you regularly carry out preventive measures, the chance to hear a disappointing diagnosis will be reduced significantly.

First of all, you should know that the tumor in the human body develops as a consequence of interaction with special substances - carcinogens. The complexity of prevention is that it is very difficult to eliminate all human contact with them.

However, primary prevention of cancer is that the smallest possible number of carcinogen fell in the body. You should stop Smoking, drinking alcohol, normalize weight, dieting and exercise regularly.

Secondary prevention of cancer include diagnosis of the body with the help of various medical procedures. For example, regular check-UPS, mammograms, FGS, identification of risk groups will help to prevent the disease.

Diet in cancer prevention plays an important role. Here are its basic principles:

• prevention of obesity;

• reduce intake of fats, which contain carcinogens;

• sufficient intake of vegetables and fruit that neutralize carcinogens;

• the use of plant fiber, which is found in cereals, vegetables and fruits;

• restrict, or better, complete abstinence from alcohol;

• disclaimer smoked, overly salty foods, as well as from foods containing nitrites (sausages).

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With regard to physical activity, it is not necessary to set world records in any sport. Regularly enough to do what you like. It could be the gym, swimming, dancing, skating and much more.

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