Prevention of acute respiratory infections in children of preschool age

The desire of any parent is that their child was in the first place healthy. And then, of course, is smart, beautiful and talented. But of course there are situations when the kid gets sick. And come on call the house doctor has diagnosed acute respiratory infections and is the most common diagnosis in children "children". Because kids are younger, are breastfeeding, are protected from viruses and bacteria immunity passed from mother's breast milk. But older kids that are subject to frequent disease acute respiratory infections, actively attend kindergartens and development centers, where regular face and are often in contact with various infections. And their immune system in the period from 1 year to 4 years contains low amount of interferon and immunoglobulin, this is exactly the reason why children of this age group suffer more often than infants.

Most often the virus, which is considered the main causative agent of acute respiratory disease is influenza virus. The main and perhaps primary prevention in this case is a vaccine against influenza virus. Vaccination can be done in the regional children's clinic.

But it happens that parents refuse from various vaccinations for individual reasons (meatwad for allergies or other diseases). Then the prevention of acute respiratory infections are possible in other embodiments. For example, the balanced nutrition of the child, rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements to improve the body's resistance. Regular use of drugs to prevent, such as supplements or medicines homeopathic origin, selected or recommended by the pediatrician according to the age category of the baby. Must be a long walk in the fresh air, active and outdoor games and activities. Regular airing of the premises, in which the baby spends most of his time playing, sleeping. Of course, the most important condition for self-prevention is personal hygiene (handwashing necessarily with soap and water, and regularly wash the toys), this applies not only to the baby, but also to all the members of his family. If the kid is ready and likes, you can visit the family pool or to do baby massage before going to sleep. Mandatory sanitation of the oral cavity need to heal all carious teeth, if any. To limit the communication of the child with the children who fell ill ARD, or still not fully recovered.

And if it so happened that the baby was sick and common, popular methods of infection control in the home, do not give the desired result, it is necessary to refer to a local pediatrician if the baby's temperature, it is best to call the doctor on the house.

Thus, we can conclude that children's health is the first and most important task of the parents. And methods of prevention and other prevention methods, lie on the shoulders and mothers, which in turn do not forget about its prevention, so as not to infect the baby at home, "bringing the infection with work.

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