Prevention and treatment of sports injuries

After a busy day, which many people in our country have a computer in the sitting position, there is a desire to actively stretch the body, so many after work go to the gym or for a jog. If professional athletes treatment and prevention of injuries are actually usual, most of the inhabitants are completely lost, even with them this trouble. Actually most of the injuries during sports activities, do not require serious treatment. However, let's first review what injuries you can get.

Most people turn to the emergency room with the following injuries: dislocated ankle, hamstring tendons or inguinal muscles, broken tibia, various knee damage (rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, damage Nickolenko-femoral joint), tennis elbow (epicondylitis). The most common sports injuries are sprains and sprains.

Some sports injuries are very difficult to avoid, but most of them still can be prevented. Each training session should start with warming up. Such training will help to avoid many injuries. Blood flows to the muscles and they become more plastic.

Not worth it in the classroom to overtax certain muscle groups. This can lead to injuries, developing as a result of overvoltage. During the "pre-training" should start with minimum loads. If you feel tired, you better take a rest and then continue with renewed vigor. At that moment, when muscle fatigue accumulates, they are most vulnerable to various injuries.

Typically, Amateur athletes get injured light and medium gravity, in which damage is usually minor. The treatment of such injuries can be performed at home. However, the healing of many of them, even if quality right treatment may take a long time. In case of serious dislocations and sprains, torn ligaments, muscles or tendons need to be addressed surgically.

Urgently address to the doctor is advisable in case of the slightest suspicion for serious injury. Go to the nearest emergency room should, if: wrong moves or is deformed joint, bone, usual weight, it is impossible to lift, skin color at the site of injury varies. You also need to refer to specialists if minor or moderate injury to the necessary assistance was provided, but improvements are not followed.

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