Preparing for a vacation is what you take your medicines?

In preparation for the holiday season and collecting Luggage, it is important not to forget about the drugs. Some people treat this lightly, not wanting to haul more cargo. They think that they will be able to buy everything you need while traveling. This approach hardly has a right to exist, first, because abroad the list of OTC medicines is extremely limited, they may have other trade names, and will be explained in the pharmacy will be in a foreign language. Secondly, even if the leave is planned in Russia, no one can guarantee the availability of needed medicines in the nearest pharmacy.

What tools should include in my travel first aid kit?

All medications on vacation can be divided into 3 groups.

The drugs aimed at the provision of first aid.

Medicine, focused on the possible problems that could be caused by the selected type of tourism and the country where he planned

Special medications that are associated with human diseases.

In the first group should include analgesics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory and other drugs that will quickly relieve the headache or gastrointestinal disorder. This also includes a patch, bandage, cotton pads, means external use on minor cuts and so on, In fact, that part of the home kit, which is in every family.

The second group of drugs is focused on type of vacation. If you plan to beach tourism, the funds needed for sun protection with a high SPF factor, which are not used in an urban environment at home. If the holiday is dedicated to the active tourism, you should take care of the protection from possible injuries. Sightseeing holidays, long walks, sightseeing usually lead to a heavy load on the legs, so the funds, reduce fatigue, will be useful in the kits.

The third group of drugs completely individual for every traveler. It includes medicines prescribed by the attending physician, without which man cannot do. Before you travel it is best to make a visit to your doctor and consider its recommendations when drafting this part of the kit.

Experienced travelers recommend:

requested to draw up a list of essential drugs;

to choose for road kit products in small packaging and convenient plastic container;

to purchase need medication in advance, slowly, with confidence that in time all ready.

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Carefully selected travel first aid kit is a guarantee of security and a pleasant relaxing holiday.

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