Prepared with love, the food seems to taste better – scientists

Attention and a sense of caring during cooking affect the taste of the dishes. To such conclusion employees of the company Birds Eye. They conducted an experiment and proved that 58% of people can identify meals prepared with love. On the progress and results of the study writes the Daily Mail.

In the experiment, the volunteers offered Christmas dinner of the same dishes. Here are just some of the dishes the chefs cooked with love, and decorated them, and others just strictly following the recommendations on prescription. At the end of dinner, participants had to evaluate the taste quality of the food and the efforts of chefs.

It turned out that cooking with love really has an impact on the taste of the food. When assessing usual food average rating does not exceed 3.5 points out of 5, whereas in the experimental group volunteers put the chefs creations in average 4.3 points out of 5.

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