Prepared formula of an ideal relationship between a man and a woman

Scientists from the University of Illinois were able to make a formula for happiness, adhering to which many couples will be able to keep alive, happy and lasting relationship. To compile this formula, American scientists conducted a meta-analysis 12273 individual reports and 35 different studies, which focused on existing relationships man-woman issues.

The study showed that the most important components of a healthy relationship between a man and a woman, regardless of what stage they are, are the openness of the relationship, positive attitude to the partner Il partner, as well as common goals and objectives. When the occurrence of the slightest problem, the best way to solve it is an open relationship. As scientists believe, the more honesty and transparency will be in the relationship, the easier it will solve the problem with your partner or companion.

In addition, a very important factor is divided equally duties, responsibilities, and privileges. Both men and women should try to establish good relationships with friends and colleagues of his partner and his parents and relatives.

As the researchers note, the stronger will be the bond partners in the networks of social interaction, the more they will have friends in common, the closer their relationship with the family, the stronger will be the relationship between them.

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To problems that arise in the relationship between a man and a woman were resolved painlessly for both, it is necessary that they are United by a common goal, we single project, as well as joint goals.

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