Preparation for ultrasound of the abdominal cavity - the key objective diagnosis

Among all instrumental methods of diagnosis, allowing you to look inside a living person, ultrasound occupies a place of honor. Assign it might virtually any specialist, gynecologist to a cardiologist. Absolute security ultrasound can be used even in the diagnosis of childhood diseases and to assess the growth and development of the fetus during pregnancy. Ultrasonic waves freely penetrate into the body, fixing on the monitor display of organs and tissues. A significant obstacle for them can only be bubbles of gas that could distort the results of the diagnostics. Therefore, preparation for abdominal ultrasound is to cleanse the bowel and decrease of gas in it.

Because the reliability of the results depends on the contents of the intestines, to treat compliance specialist diets should seriously. The diet should be deleted:

To sustain such a diet relies 2-3 days before the ultrasound. Taking into account the individual features can additionally be assigned to drugs that reduce the intensity of formation of gas in the intestines - festal, Pancreatin and other.

Ultrasound is most often prescribed in the morning or after lunch in 15-16 hours. In the first case to go to the office of professional you want on an empty stomach, without consuming any food or drink. If a visit to the doctor scheduled for 15-16 hours, 8-10 hours of the morning it is possible to have Breakfast, then throughout the day it is forbidden to consume anything, even water.

If there is a tendency to constipation, it is recommended to take additional measures to cleanse the intestines. Before research can be put laxative suppository or take medication on a plant basis. The most reliable way of cleansing remains enema.

Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity is review, evaluate the size and location of organs, the presence of foreign inclusions and liquid permeability of the digestive tract. Because the intestine occupies a large part of the abdominal cavity, the lack of diligence of preparation can cause distortion of the received result, and as a result, and setting the wrong diagnosis.

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