Preparation for childbirth

Passed most of the way, you have prepared at home cozy corner, where you'll see the baby, read a bunch of books, regularly attended courses expectant mothers, received a lot of advice from friends and doctors, thoroughly learned all the theory about the birth process, but still a little afraid something to forget or mix in the most important moment. Soon your life will come the hour "X" and you know the happiness of motherhood. We once again you recall what needs to be done a few weeks before birth.

Order generic process will give you less discomfort, it is necessary to prepare for childbirth the cervix. To perform the following procedures only after consulting with a physician if there are no contraindications. From 34 weeks to start to take capsules with evening Primrose oil: first, one per day, starting at 36 weeks - 2, with 39 - 3 per day. As you know, during pregnancy, doctors recommend during sexual intercourse, use a condom. Week 36 you can afford regular intercourse without a condom. The sperm will soften the cervix and prepare it for predstoyatel genera.

For childbirth is also necessary to prepare the perineum to avoid cuts and breaks. In the last weeks of pregnancy can be performed perineal massage using oils of vegetable origin. Before you begin to massage the skin to be heated. It is also useful to perform specific exercises aimed at stretching the ligaments and muscles of the perineum. It is useful to practice everyday poses: pose tailor", "butterfly", "heels", "frog", "squatting", "jib". As soon as anything starts to tire, you need to immediately change the pose.

The last week of pregnancy is the time to prepare for feeding nipples, engage in the prevention of mastitis and cracks. For this purpose it is necessary to take massaging nipples contrasting shower, gently RUB them with a towel, walk more with an open chest, taking air baths. You can also your own hands or the hands of a loving husband gently pulling the nipples, giving them an elongated shape. It is helpful to massage the chest with ice cubes from the decoction of oak bark. The main thing - do not overdo it, because nipple stimulation causes contraction of the uterus walls.

With the doctor, leading the pregnancy, it is necessary to discuss many questions:

• How to give birth? Delivery will take place naturally or have indications for caesarean section?

• When to give birth? Routine cesarean or wait until a natural beginning labor?

• How to understand that it's time to go to the hospital?

• What kind of anesthesia will be used (General, epidural, medication sleep, anesthesia)?

• Will be present during the birth family (husband, friend, mother, assistant)?

• Whether produced by stimulation of contractions, by introducing oxytocin or puncture of the fetal bladder)?

• Is it necessary to episiotomy?

• What will be the first woman in relation to the child?

• Where do the first vaccination?

• What to do if a pregnant woman negative rhesus factor?

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Already a few weeks before the birth, you must make a list of things in the hospital, and within two weeks, things need to be collected in the so-called "suitcase for the hospital".

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