Prenatal depression are treated for sports

Business standard reports that if a pregnant woman there is a strong negative state of mind, it's worth it to do easy and not dangerous to the fetus exercises, like everything in her life begins to play a more positive colors. Moreover, it will be extremely useful to those women who haven't really complained physical exercises, but with just four training sessions in seven days to the emotional background has improved significantly.

Thus the group of subjects was reduced fatigue and improved mood. This is very good, because during pregnancy, many suffer from depression, anxiety and other negative influences on the nervous system. So what is dangerous to neglect exercise? First of all, because suffering from depression, the woman will most likely give birth to a premature baby, but those who decide to cope with nervousness by using addictive drugs, more likely, after the birth of the offspring will waive breast-feeding for obvious reasons.

The results of the research are as follows: those children whose mothers during pregnancy was in anxious and depressed, even in adolescence have a high blood concentration of cortisol. Their cognitive abilities are low, there are significant problems with both mental and physical development. Among other things there will likely use of caesarean section, depression disrupts sleep and has a negative impact on both physical and mental state of pregnant.

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