Premature infants with age have little chance of success

According to statistics, about 11% of infants are born before the time. They often have difficulties with development and various diseases. Having spent more than 20 different experiments, the researchers concluded that the chance of good results in adult life these children are less than normal. It is reported

The study was conducted with the participation of 5.9 million volunteers. 272000 of them were born before the deadline and had a weight not exceeding 2.3 kg. it is Worth noting that, as adults, the subjects from this category are less likely to have graduated from College or got a job. Moreover, many of them had the need for provision of social assistance.

The period of gestation had an impact on the financial aspect of their lives volunteers. Overall, the scientists noted reduced indicators of well-being amid the premature birth. At the moment, the makers of the study claim that this subject requires more careful attention.

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