Premature infants are more closed, the researchers said

British scientists conducted a study to determine the impact of premature birth on the psychological development of children. The results showed fewer friends and greater isolation in preterm infants in the first years of life. In the future the situation is aligned, according to The Hindustan Times.

Under the supervision of a staff of the University of Warwick were more than 1,000 children who were born prematurely. Scientists have found the worst building rapport with peers, these children, regardless of degree of prematurity. According to statistics, by 6 years of age born before time babies had only 4 friends. At that time, as communicated to date – 5.

It was also noted that less time, which severely premature children spent in fellowship with friends. The figure was less than the standard 15%. In many cases, the reason was the reluctance of peers to accept the team like that.

It is noteworthy that by the age of 8 years, the situation is completely stabilized and all of the differences completely disappeared.

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