Premature ejaculation spoils the lives of women no less than men

Millions of men suffer from premature ejaculation. The present study scientists from the University of Zurich was dedicated to the impact of rapid ejaculation for women, The Daily Mail reports. It turns out that women are not less than men. And often it's not just the duration of sex.

The study involved 1,500 women from Italy, South Korea and Mexico. Almost half of the respondents (40%) agreed with the proposition that control ejaculation is extremely important for pleasure during sexual intercourse. Too small a duration of sexual intercourse is the most frequent cause of sexual dissatisfaction. In addition, women more didn't like too tight sex.

Note, most women pays kisses, touches and other forms of stimulation special attention. Men with premature ejaculation I try to distract myself from the process and to get at least fun to hold out longer than usual. When sex goes out of the way to take pleasure in ordinary session associated with the calculation of time.

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In such problems, the woman begins to avoid regular sex that often becomes the cause of a breakup, the problem in conceiving the child.

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