Premature birth can reduce a child's intelligence – scientists

In two years the doctor may notice a lag in child development. Scientists from the University of Warwick has established that the delay in intellectual development may be associated with preterm birth. To such conclusion scientists came to the study with the participation of 500 children born from 1985 to 1986, and their mothers, writes Science World Report.

We evaluated the level of intelligence of children aged 5 and 20 months, four, six, eight years. The last test expected test subjects in 26 years. The researchers compared the obtained data with the results collected from 229 healthy children. A bit premature birth reduced IQs in children. For 26 years the difference was smoothed out.

Apparently, the lack of nutrition in the prenatal stage of development affects the brain's development. Note, premature delivery should be approved by your physician and performed in hospital. This usually happens for special reasons, when the further finding of the fetus threatens the life of mother and child.

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