Premature babies are prone to senile dementia – scientists

This applies not only to children with low birth weight, but also to the little ones whose weight exceeds the norm, according to scientists from the University of Manchester. They analysed the health status of adults aged 40-69 years and correlated the collected data with the indices of body mass at birth. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Children weighing at birth less than 2.8 kilograms and more than four kilograms, is relatively more frequent in old age with dementia, hearing problems, vision. The weight is slightly above average provides the lowest incidence, the researchers found.

A deficiency or excess of body weight at birth affects human hormones, which influences its health in the future. A special role is played by growth hormone and some genes responsible for physical development. Note, these factors are of secondary importance, the primary importance has the way of life and the environment.

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