Premature babies are prone to emotional problems

Preschool children who were born a few weeks early are more prone to emotional problems and bad behavior, say researchers.

Dutch researchers conducted texts on the emotional and behavioural development of approximately one and a half thousand children under the age of 4 years. About 600 of them were hatched right out a full term, and a little less than a thousand were born between 32 and 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Compared to winusername full term children, premature babies in 2 times more often had problems in emotional and behavioural development and in 2 times more often complained of somatic disorders that have no medical explanation.

"Our research shows that premature babies have emotional and behavioral problems, even before they went to school," said the scientists. They believe that such children need special assistance.

Scientists emphasize that emotional and behavioural difficulties tend to progress in school and adolescence, which could negatively impact learning and friendship with other children.

This study complements the previous one, during which it was revealed that much preterm (before 32 weeks) have much more emotional and behavioral problems than vynesennyi full term.

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