Premature babies are more likely to suffer obesity

Scientists of the Institute Liggins found that premature babies are more obese. In a special risk group included boys, writes The New Zealand Herald. They are much more likely to gain weight compared to girls.

To prove their theory, the researchers conducted a multidisciplinary care for children who were born at term and preterm group of children consisting of 31 children. The research took place several decades. Scholars interested in the weight of subjects in adulthood. It turned out that premature boys often had problems with overweight. Their average weight was to Mature years to 109 pounds, whereas boys born in time reached 89 pounds. Scientists say that this analogy is expressed and women, but it is not so noticeable difference. It should be noted that the difference in the mass of men were often developed at the expense of adipose tissue, which was 10-20% higher in the preterm group.

Scientists report that among the control group the percentage of obesity was about 14%, whereas in the group of premature this indicator reached 39%. However, everything can change, if you stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle, to respect the day and to make an adequate diet food.

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