Pregnant women who want to "reach out" to the child, was fashionable therapy - Wombsong

Unborn child benefit from singing his pregnant mother. According to Zee News, the Hospital of Chester and Westminster offers expectant mothers to become members of a special course Wombsong ("Deep song"), which involves the execution of women songs, the listener which will be the child in the womb.

According to proponents of the technique, thanks to the singing woman relaxes, it increases the concentration of endorphins and serotonin, which is considered the hormone of joy. Besides, the song is a great way communication with the child, as the song helps the child to recognize his mother's voice. Used when singing breathing techniques help to reduce pain during childbirth.

According to Mai, Valdman, instructor Wombsong, singing allows you to control and slow breathing. Deep and slow breathing during labour helps to relax the muscles and body in General. At the beginning of practice warm up the vocal cords and the entire body. Then practiced Polynesian folk song. The choice of this song due to its soothing melody and simplicity.

According to the findings of scientists, the ability of the fetus to distinguish sounds is characterized by early pregnancy. This allows memorizing their songs and their use after the baby is born. This will calm him down if necessary.

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