Pregnant women taking aspirin risk to the health of future children

Scientists are sounding the alarm. According to the research data of the scientific staff of the University of Copenhagen published The Hindustan Times, a pain medication, in particular aspirin by women during pregnancy, 2.5 times increases the risk of occurrence and development of cerebral palsy.

A thorough analysis was made of the medical information 185617 women and children born to them. Scientists have discovered that about 5 thousand women during pregnancy relieves pain with aspirin, and about 5 thousand pregnant used as a painkiller ibuprofen, 90000 – used paracetamol. Disorders in the brain tissue were detected in 357 newborns. States that significantly increased the risk of developing DCPI receive drugs containing aspirin and paracetamol.

The results of the experiments and the analysis of the data showed the influence of paracetamol on the increased incidence of bilateral cerebral palsy by 30%, one 50%. The greatest danger is the paracetamol in the middle of pregnancy. Aspirin increases the risk of cerebral palsy in 2.5 times. Experts believe that the negative impact of drugs is associated with the formation as a result of their receiving a steady damage of brain tissue. In addition, pain can change hormonal balance of a pregnant woman controls the brain development of the unborn child.

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