Pregnant women can now enjoy

Scientists from Denmark came to the conclusion that women in a small period of pregnancy is quite possible to drink some alcohol and it will not affect fetal development. Only the dose of alcohol pregnant should not exceed 96 grams of pure alcohol per week. For example, in the glass of red wine contains about 20 grams of alcohol.

Their findings are made after the experiment, which was attended by 1,600 women. The authors were asked to tell during pregnancy women about the amount of alcohol consumed or to report complete abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy. All data were entered into a table, and five years of Danish researchers conducted a series of tests on the intelligence of children participating in the experiment. It was found that low doses of alcohol during pregnancy had no effect on the ability of children to concentrate and to control himself, however, at doses above 108 grams of alcohol per week appeared to do with difficulties in concentration.

Large doses of alcohol during pregnancy have a significant impact on child development, reduce its coordination and intelligence.

"The experiment showed that small doses of spirits does not affect the development of children at the age of five," said the study authors.

At the moment doctors in the UK recommend waiting child women not to drink at all, or not to exceed a dose of 15-30 grams per week.

"It is not necessary to understand the results of this study as a direct resolution on alcohol use during pregnancy", asks Patrick O'brien of the Royal society of obstetricians and gynecologists.

As you know, excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to birth defects and deviations in physical and mental development in babies.

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