Pregnant women can control the date of birth of the child

Pregnant women are largely able to control the time of delivery, these are the conclusions of researchers at Yale University. Initially, scientists have noticed an increase in the amount received at birth in hospital, women on Valentine's Day at 3, 6 per cent. Also it was found that on All Saints Day, the birth rate fell by more than 5, 3 percent compared with conventional indicators.

If we talk about caesarean section, 12.1 percent of the women refused it on Halloween, and 16.9 percent more agreed on it on Valentine's Day.

Professor of psychology and epidemiology Becca levy believes that these data can shake all the understanding of childbirth as a spontaneous process, because in these cases, pregnant women controlled day of its birth.

It turns out that pregnant women can speed up or slow down the day of delivery in a limited period of time according to their own cultural preferences.

The study is based on data from a total of 1.8 million families in over 11 years.

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