Pregnant man has hysterectomy

Surgery to remove the uterus held the world's first pregnant man. At the moment — this is the first time when a man could get pregnant. But not so simple in this story.

Should start with the fact that Thomas Beattie is actually a woman. A little more than ten years ago, he went for a sex change operation. Hormonal therapy allowed to grow facial hair and make the voice of men. However, the uterus at Thomas remained, though the external organs of generation were formed in the likeness of men.

Thomas found himself a wife who was barren, but longed to have children of their own. As a result, the man offered to carry a child. And he did it. The IVF procedure has allowed to give birth to three babies.

Most recently, Thomas married another girl. Now to have the wife give birth, and the man himself decided to remove the remains of the female reproductive system.

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