Pregnancy test helped the man to detect testicular cancer

The man, whose identity was not disclosed, decided to make a joke, tested using a pregnancy test. But in the end this prank helped him to avoid serious consequences from cancer, reports The Globe and Mail.

Delighted at the positive test result, the Joker informed about their friends, the story began to walk over the Internet. His happiness among users of the world wide web has been vigilant, who decided to inform the hapless young man that a positive result pregnancy test is considered to be one of the indicators of testicular cancer.

Revealed: a positive test indicates that the urine is so-called the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. This same hormone is produced by some types of testicular cancer.

After a few days after the man found out about this, he went to the doctors, who, finding in testicular some swelling immediately started her treatment.

According to the statistical report of the who cancer of the testicles are exposed to almost 50 thousand men around the world. American cancer society claims that the survival of patients with this diagnosis is characterized in 99% of cases.

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