Pregnancy during the summer months increases the risk of gestational diabetes

The likelihood of developing gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes) increases considerably if the main period of carrying a child are in the summer months. The main negative factor is the heat. It is, in the opinion of the scientists, provoking an increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood.

The researchers studied 11.5 thousand cases of pregnancy. The majority of pregnancies captured the period from June to August. Women, as expected, passed all the necessary tests. An additional survey was carried out at 28 weeks to determine the level of glucose in the blood. Gestational diabetes was diagnosed in 4.2% of women.

On the development of disease influenced by many factors. One of them is hot weather. Scientists suggest that only climate can raise the likelihood of diabetes pregnant women about 20-30%.

Women with poor health and a predisposition to metabolic disorders should plan pregnancy so that the last months of gestation accounted for the relative coolness, scientists say.

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