Pregnancy can be put on pause

Pregnancy can be stopped for a whole month. In the experiment, scientists from the University of California were able to inhibit pregnancy in laboratory mice without harming embryos. A month later, the mice continued to grow normally. The discovery, experts say, will give a new impetus to the development of reproductive medicine and the development of tools against aging and cancer. Writes about this edition of Zee News.

In order to understand the methods of stopping pregnancy, you should contact the knowledge in the field of embryology. Scientists put on pause the development of the blastocyst. In this stage of development the fruit is a multiple identical cells.

The blastocyst can be in a state of suspended animation during the day under normal conditions. However, treatment with mTOR inhibitors allows to extend this period to one month.

Once the scientists stopped treating germ inhibitors, the development returned to a normal channel. The greatest efficiency in the experiments showed a synthetic drug Rapa-Link.

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