Pregnancy by trimester, especially

Conventionally the whole period of pregnancy in the medical literature is divided into three periods - the trimesters. Each trimester lasts 13 weeks and is specific for both mother and fetus.

The first trimester lasts up to 13 weeks. In this trimester the child goes through the stage of formation of the blastocyst to the fetus. The egg, fertilized by a sperm, after down the fallopian tubes, on the second or third week begins the process of introduction into the uterine cavity. From the fourth week begins to form the future placenta.

Usually during this period the woman is unaware of her pregnancy, and since the connection of the mother to unborn child was not actually, not quite the right way of life of the mother will not have a negative influence on the formation of the fetus.

Beginning with the fifth week, gradually forming and the process tab of the bodies of the unborn child. Therefore, in this period the right way of life of the mother is extremely important for proper development of the fetus.

Main recommendations for women in this period will be to drink plenty of water, healthy food. With toxemia, if its manifestation is particularly strong, help fight the special preparations that are assigned to a consulting gynecologist. Also important recommendation of a physician for the mother is a calendar of pregnancy, in which it is necessary to note the condition of the pregnant on certain days. Every pregnant doctor gets obstetric calendar.

The second trimester starts at 14 and lasts until 28 weeks inclusive. It is characterized by ease of pregnancy for the mother. 14 week fetus is almost completed, now its development is the process of preparation for life outside the mother's body.

In this period the increase in amniotic fluid, as well as pregnant women begin to feel the movement of the fetus. The first movement occurs at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.

In up to 28 weeks, the child begins to perceive, respond to sounds, movements of the mother, to distinguish tastes thanks to the development of taste buds, and also the child can already clearly see.

In this trimester for proper development of the fetus is important not only diet, but also the sleep mode, the mode of activity of the mother, but also very important for the prevention of micronutrient deficiencies.

The third trimester starts at about 29 weeks and continues until birth. To this period, women tend to gain weight. Also there are complaints about shortness of breath after even a minor load, the manifestation of heartburn. Also common complaints of pregnant women are constipation, stretch marks on the abdomen, swelling of the legs and the visual signs of varicose veins. All of his complaints pregnant woman is obliged to inform your gynecologist.

To resolve these troubles, it is important to perform a doctor recommends exercise and take drugs and herbal teas, which reduces the manifestation of signs of heartburn.

Interesting is the fact that 28 weeks starts functioning of the cortex of the brain, i.e. it is already "included" awareness and understanding and the process of thermoregulation.

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During this period, many pregnant is starting to develop a fear of childbirth. To avoid this, you can enroll in the courses of preparation for sorts, where expectant parents will learn not to fear before the actual birth process, but also give good advice on child care.

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