Pregnancy at a young age will help to protect yourself from cancer

Scientists from Switzerland found that in the body of a young pregnant woman there are two types of genes that protect against the development of her breast cancer, according to RIA Novosti. According to the report BioMed Central, if a girl is going to have a baby before the age of 20 years, then the risk of her cancer of the breast is reduced by half.

Pregnancy at an early age protects against cancer and rodents. Scientists from the Institute of biomedical research them. Friedrich Miescher in Basel revealed that has changed the interaction of the 2 genes of Wnt and Notch females rodents, which give the offspring, compared with those that posterity had not. Mentioned genes are the opposite components of the system that controls the metabolism of the cells in the body.

Using microarrays, scientists were able to identify the fact of reduction after pregnancy activity of the first gene, which is associated with feminization. Proteins of the second gene of steel, on the contrary, began to have a higher activity. According to lead researcher Mohamed Bentours-ALG, when most cancer types, causes the activation of the Wnt gene, and in the exercise of strict control over the activities of Wnt/Notch after pregnancy, you might stop the growth characteristic of cancer tissues.

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