Pregnancy and HIV infection

In the modern world, many HIV - infected women are trying to learn to live with this terrible disease. Each of them dreams about the birth of a child, but few people decide on such a serious step. The percentage of transmission of disease from mother to child is 20-40%, but today, medicine has learned to do the impossible - with proper monitoring and timely prevention, this percentage can be reduced to 1-2%, which will allow an infected mother to have a perfectly healthy baby.

To give birth or termination of pregnancy can only be solved by the women and the support of family and friends will help her make the right decision. Future HIV - positive mother is very important to know that there are special programs that provide prevention of transmission from mother to child.

During pregnancy a woman must carry the recommendation of a physician for medical treatment, to minimize the risk of infection of the fetus. The child may become infected while in the womb and during birth. Also throughout pregnancy is very important psychological support to the expectant mother, as the decision to bear a child with HIV infection is very complex and is accompanied by stress and emotions.

Studies have shown that the risk of infection of the child is especially great, if mom fixed AIDS, if too low immunity or very high physical activity. However, even at this stage it is possible the birth of a perfectly healthy child. In each case, the risk of infection will be different, so nobody can predict what will be the result. It should be noted that the transmission may be influenced by age, the older the mother, the greater the chance of infection.

If the baby was born perfectly healthy, you should take all necessary measures to prevent further infection. For this mother should abandon breastfeeding, as the infection can be transmitted through milk, and also learn special child care to minimize the risk of infection and to give your child a chance at a happy life.

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In any case, you should seriously consider such an important decision, as the birth of a child, because there is always the risk of infection. Remember that if your baby is still born with HIV, there is a great probability that 5 or 6 years he will develop AIDS. Think about whether you are ready for this and is it worth it to take that risk, which may not always be justified.

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