Pregnancy and breastfeeding - a great reason to quit Smoking

Nicotine addiction is mostly psychological in nature. The presence of willpower or circumstances help to quit Smoking in the shortest possible time. Someone stops Smoking when she hears about a serious diagnosis from a doctor. Women, scientists believe, is the easiest way to give up cigarettes in favor of a healthy child. Information published in Zee News.

The researchers analyzed the behavior of women who smoke during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 67% returned to the habit on the third month after birth, 90% by the sixth month. We took into account all factors, including breastfeeding or artificial feeding.

Women with children breastfed for breast milk, return to the habit was much less frequent. Such mothers are aware about the harm that cigarettes can cause to the baby. Physicians support the rejection of bad habits and breastfeeding, which both increase the chance to grow full and healthy child.

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