Predisposition to dementia can be neutralized with HLS

A group of scientists from the UK have shown that there is a genetic predisposition to such a disease like dementia, the risk of developing the disease can be reduced with a healthy lifestyle. To identify this relationship worked scientists at the University of Exeter, the results of their research they presented at the International conference of the Alzheimer's Association.

In the new study, demonstrated ways to compensate for genetic risk. So, was studied the order of 196 000 people aged 60+. Those participants who have observed the genetic risk of dementia, but a way of life was unfavourable, the disease risk increased three times in comparison with those that have not suffered from addictions and had no predisposition to dementia.

Of the total number of members of the order of 1 770 cases of dementia recorded in 8 years of observations.

Scientists divided the participants into three groups according to the degree of genetic risk of dementia. Categorization of patients was done on the basis of their diet, fitness and activity, and the presence of addictions. The observations revealed a decrease in the risk of dementia in all groups of participants when maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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