Predisposition to alcoholism is hidden behind the 39 genes

Each person has a unique set of genetic information that defines the external and internal differences between individuals. Recently made many discoveries concerning genetic predisposition to various diseases. It has long been known that such predisposition causes hereditary transmission of diabetes, gastritis, cholecystitis. However, do not take this information as a diagnosis. Scientists say that genes depends only up to thirty percent risk of developing the disease. The rest falls on the shoulders of the person and depends on lifestyle, nutrition and other factors.

Before scientists found a set of 39 genes, which are responsible for the predisposition to the development of alcoholism. Findings were published in the American journal of Human Genetics.

For this purpose, an analysis was conducted of the structure of DNA from a group of people with alcohol dependence. For comparison we have assembled a group of volunteers, which acted as a control group. The study revealed changes in 39 genes, most of which can increase the risk of developing alcohol dependence. Scientists report that these changes can be passed from generation to generation.

Another study says that every tenth Russian has innate resistance to alcoholism at the genetic level. The data obtained will help in the treatment and prevention of this disease, they will become the basis for the development of new drugs that will act on the molecular structure of DNA.

Observation of American scientists conducted previously established pattern regarding the development of chronic alcoholism in women. It turns out that they reach a state where able to help only medical service, five years earlier.

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