Power poses don't work, psychologists believe

The position of the body, indicating his authority and confidence does not actually make on others no effect. Even the man himself, in most cases, using postures can't change their own behavior, writes Psychological Science.

To power poses psychologists include reclining in his chair, crossing arms behind the head, hands, rested in Boca, throw one leg to the other. None of the provisions does not increase the level of testosterone in the blood. So talking about the influence of posture on the behavior is not possible.

Only the study involved 200 people. The volunteers were asked to take one of the poses and make a choice between two lotteries: with a guaranteed prize of 2-7 francs or the chance to receive 10 francs. In the experiment, the scientists measured changes in cortisol and testosterone in the blood. It turned out no connection between posture and behavior is not. However, scientists believe that the dominant appearance can have an impact on the interlocutors.

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