Power load is ineffective for weight loss

Researchers from Duke University found that the best way to burn fat is aerobic. In this experiment participated 234 volunteers who have experienced problems with excess weight. They were subjected to aerobic exercise, which included running and swimming, power loads, and mixed type loads, which consisted of two previous.

The volunteers were divided into three groups, each of which was engaged in certain activities. One group visited 3 times a week of strength training, second - aerobic, and the third group was engaged in mixed modes.

After analyzing the obtained data, the scientists found that the second and third group dropped more than just pounds. As the first group, which was engaged in strength training, even gained weight. This was affected by the increase of muscle mass.

Thus, the prevailing before the myth that strength training accelerates the metabolism, was dispelled. The best way to combat body fat are aerobic exercises.

We can safely say, but only with a small caveat: aerobic activities will help young people who have problems with excess weight, but adults with degenerative disease of the muscles, will help just strength training.

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