Poverty is directly correlated with the size of the human brain

According to American scientists, poverty – evidence not only of material well-being of a man, but the small size of his brain and General health. Before you make such a statement, doctors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison was scanned brain over a hundred children from families with different incomes.

As it turned out, the volume of gray matter responsible for learning ability in children from families with average incomes, was much smaller compared to their peers whose parents are not in need of money. Earlier, scientists have found that in children it is easiest to consider the division of the human brain responsible for the financial well-being.

The results of this experiment, allowed the scientists to say that children from poor families receive from their parents are much less in connection with what they have slowed down the development of the brain. It could be, for example, about eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Thus, it is safe to talk about poverty in our days is not only a social problem but also medical.

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