Poverty, inflation, the crisis leads to an increase in mental illness

Experts believe that poverty, insecurity, lack of education, inflation and unstable supply of food are some of the factors contributing to mental instability. A large number of crimes has also increased the level of stress in society.

This is the conclusion of experts during the analysis of the growth of mental illness in Pakistan.

The last 10 years in Pakistan, there is almost a 100 percent increase in mental illness among the population. Just in Pakistan 4 government psychiatric hospital, with a capacity of 3000 people, in private psychiatric hospitals, there are 4000 people.

Pakistan President Ahmed Haroun said . that the country has only 400 psychiatrists, and mainly in the cities. In the districts there are no skilled workers psychiatric services and psychiatric nurses.

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A large percentage of mental disorders among the population leads to lower productivity, creativity and infringement of personality.

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