Potatoes not so harmful

All nutritionists agree that French fries is one of the most terrible products. But, according to the Hindustan Times, the latest research, carried out by Italian chef Giuseppe Daddio with Professor Vincenzo Fogliano as leader, it was found that the risk of potatoes is somewhat exaggerated.

Daddio found in potatoes is a lot of nutrients. But the study of experts, in fact, was the assimilation in the processing of potatoes oils used for cooking. The oil is harmful due to saturation of its fats.

For example, zucchini and eggplant, the benefits of which many people know, according to the experiment, virales 30% oil. And potatoes and pizza was absorbed only 5%. The reason starch. It is believed that because of the starch roasting is complicated and the degree to which absorbs oil, reduces. His work in the potato starch performs 100%.

Meanwhile, the freezing of potatoes and roasting it before increased several times its absorbency. According to Giuseppe Daddio, Vincenzo Fogliano, these are all products.

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