Posture and movement in dance can tell about ovulation women

It is known that in the eyes of men to women in the period of ovulation look more attractive. Now doctors at the University of göttingen has revealed the relationship between the posture of the woman and the phase of its fertility.

When ovulation in women subtle changes posture and movement, scientists describe the results of their experiments in an interview with LiveScience. Men like to read the moves of the women information about whether it will be able to get pregnant today.

Researchers experiment was carried out, in which 48 women from 19 to 33 years of age had to dance to the same song. Frames with their image in the form of processed, drawn silhouettes (to reduce differences in appearance) were shown 200 men.

Subjects men had only to select the most attractive women in their opinion, on the basis of the dance steps feminine silhouettes. Thus they were selected precisely those women who were at the peak of ovulation.

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This gave the scientists an opportunity to make an assumption about the connection drops estrogen in the female body and the condition of muscles and ligaments. Most likely, the authors of the study in an interview, these fluctuations of hormones in a special way affect motor reflexes women.

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