Postpartum depression - how to cope

The children in the family is a long - awaited happiness. But it often happens that a young mother, instead of joy, experiencing different feelings. The pain moved during childbirth, problems with organisms after this, the lack of experience and constant feeling of responsibility lead to a psychological disorder. This is postpartum depression. It can last from several days to months. This disorder every woman differently. But in General there is a General apathy, lack the joy of motherhood, fatigue, drowsiness, frequent change of moods up to hysteria.In some cases, depression after childbirth is severe. Special risk factors - previously diagnostirovalsya psychological disorders and violence in a family of women. Then do not waste time, it is important to contact the clinic for treatment of depression. This will allow a faster return to normal mode and not risk the child's condition.

To cope with depression after childbirth in several ways. The first of them is to get rid of, if possible, from household chores and to fully engage in a new member of the family, to get used to the baby. The main thing - do not be afraid to be honest with loved ones, especially my husband. It should help with the housework and take care of the condition of the wife until she learns to deal with the child. Father at night it is important to stand up "to the child" instead of a wife, because sleep disturbance is the basis of many disorders.

The second method is completely different. Psychologists recommend constantly to do something, even if it will be the easiest and useless work. Surrounding himself with the Affairs, the young mother will forget about their problems and, at least, will not inflate them in his imagination. You should be spending with your child as much time as possible when he is awake, it helps healthy relationship, woman and child. Having studied all the details of the behavior of the infant, the mother will no longer worry and depression will pass.

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The young mother will help such things as walks in the fresh air. It is important sometimes to arrange for her release without a child, at least 5 minutes. In addition, you need proper nutrition, fruits and vegetables in the diet. Because depression affects diet, which can lead to exhaustion and loss of milk. So even if he has no appetite, to eat. It may be easier to choose the regime frequent meals in small portions.

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