Postoperative bandages - how to choose

The rehabilitation period is the most difficult time after surgery. The patient wants to recover, to get in shape, to get back to normal rhythm of life. But surgery often does not so quick to start an active life. That recovery was faster and didn't last too long, apply postoperative bandages.Such bandages are used as an effective means after operations on the internal organs (respiratory, abdomen, heart). It relieves the load on the joint, which prevents the occurrence of hernia and other complications ( e.g., bruising and swelling). Thanks to this product, after surgery on the abdomen or caesarean section seam securely fused.

Medically bandages applied with the omission of the intestine, liver, kidneys or other internal organs. Postoperative bandages are used in plastic surgery, when you remove fatty tissue.

Such medical devices are made from materials that are confirmed. You can individually choose the right model and size for any man that will allow you to use it immediately after surgery.

How to use

The brace supports due to the elastic material. The pressure of the internal organs in the abdominal wall is distributed evenly. This allows to ensure the stability of the resulting scar and creates optimal conditions for healing.

Post-operative bandage dress at the waist and fixed with the help of contact of the tape can be pulled together with stretching. It is recommended to wear the product on underwear. Wearing a brace can be from 1 hour to 9 hours a day. Wear them in the postoperative period or in the acute period after injury. First constantly, then gradually move on to temporary use during exercise.

How to choose

For post-operative bandage to buy, you must measure the circumference of the abdomen or chest line, where it is planned to carry a product. Its width is determined depending on the location, the length of the seam, as well as the physique of the person. Post-operative bandage should hide the seam from both above and below by at least 1 see Generally bandages are made of a width 20, 25, 28, 30 see the Use of such a binder will quickly restore the body and return the person to a full normal life.

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