Post-Natal depression is not the end of one year after childbirth - the scientists

Previously it was thought that post-Natal depression lasts about a year after the birth of the child. However, a study involving 1507 women giving birth for the first time, proved the most dangerous time comes when the child turns four years, reports The Telegraph. Interesting and the fact that 40% of women experience depression for the first time.

In a special risk group, the researchers note that women who give birth for the first time. Then the risk of post-Natal depression is doubled for the fourth birthday of the child. According to statistics, pathology faced 14% of women. Every tenth Respondent had symptoms of depression at 12 months after birth and 8% in three months.

If the symptoms of depression occur before the child reaches the age of four, it significantly increased the risk for depression to a critical age. Stat points: pregnancy and childbirth is one of the main reasons for getting women in a psychiatric hospital. This factor is 23 times more likely to affect the mental health of women than all the rest.

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