Post-Natal depression affects the health of the child

Studies of more than 170 children and their mothers in Britain and India showed that children of mothers suffering from post-Natal depression, 2.3 times more often had problems with being overweight and did not reach the growth standards at the age of 6 months.

Research staff of the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine in collaboration with Center staff Sangat showed that 44% of children with depressed mothers showed poor results on the scale of the development. Children with healthy mothers, such problems were not more than 20% of the total number of children.

The researchers believe that the delay in development was due to the use of infant formula, which in its composition is inferior to breast milk. Matter in a state of depression could not breastfeed, so I used baby formula.

Doctors recommends to focus all family members on the health of mother and child. In fact the treatment of parents is a contribution to the health of the child.

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"Studies show that postpartum depression may be the main cause of poor growth and development of children in South Asia," summarize the study's authors.

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