Post acne how to remove acne scarring

Acne scarring sometimes give both genders no less trouble than themselves rash. Especially on this occasion, the experience of the fair sex. Fortunately, to date, has been successfully used many ways of getting rid of post-acne.


From fresh post acne will help to get rid of skin whitening. A good whitening cream in conjunction with other tools such actions will negate acne scarring, which is not more than two or three months.

When selecting a tool, you must first pay attention not on the value and composition. Ideally, whitening cream should contain fruit and lactic acids, which effectively lighten the skin. As a therapy tool to use within 2 weeks, morning and evening. After completing this course, you should take a break. If the application has not yielded any results, we can conclude that this method is not suitable.

Home remedies

To eliminate mild degree of post-acne preferably in addition to the bleaching cream to use cosmetics, cooked at home. Next will tell you how to get rid of marks from pimples using home remedies.

Good effect will be obtained using a mask of yogurt or sour milk, daily wiping the skin with half a lemon. The active ingredients of these products contain fruit and lactic acids, which will speed up the process of getting rid of the traces that are left on the site of the acne.

Glycogen peels

If acne scarring or post-acne somewhat neglected, home remedies and bleaching creams are unlikely to cope with them. You need to go to the beautician, who will recommend the use of exfoliation and select the tool appropriate means.

In cosmetology widely used peeling with glycolic acid that allows you to quickly align the surface of the skin. This tool is able to cope with stagnant but shallow post-acne.

It is best to choose to perform the procedure in autumn or winter. In the spring-summer period increases the probability of getting sun burns on the damaged skin.

In any case unacceptable execution glycolic pilling at home. Don't forget that irreparable harm may cause the most harmless drug, not to mention any kind of chemistry.

To remove post acne use laser resurfacing or microdermbrasion. But these are quite painful and expensive procedures can leave postslavery scars and only worsen the situation.

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