Positive mood enhances the effect of drugs

A group of European scientists conducted a study to determine how the positive attitude of the patient affects the efficiency of the treatment. As it turned out, the faith and hope of the patient on the best - not less important than the effectiveness of the medicine.

This study again confirmed the theory that a lot depends on the patient, not only on doctors and medicines. The belief in the effect produced by a drug, makes the technique more effective. And those patients who are skeptical about medicine and drugs, reduce their chances of being healed to almost zero.

In order to prove it, researchers chose 22 volunteer to participate in the experiment in which they had a small area of skin. After that, they are or were injected with a painkiller, or were given a placebo. Participants were able to assess the degree of pain at stoballnoy scale. When the volunteers were aware of the fact that they introduced the drug against pain, they evaluated their feelings below. And if they were misled scientists who argued that anesthesia is not used, although in fact, it has been applied, then the volunteers assessed their pain above.

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At the same time, scientists observed the function of the brain studied with MRI. It was found that the activity in areas responsible for the feeling of pain was higher in those volunteers who were sure that he had not received necessary for pain medication. And a similar zone of those who thought he made anesthesia, were less active, regardless of whether applied anesthesia or not.

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