Positive emotions from communication with the doctor help to reduce sensitivity to pain

The University of Michigan conducted a study that proved the direct dependence of the intensity of pain syndrome in a patient from his interest in life and a friendly intimate communication with your doctor.

The study was conducted with the participation of nine women who are conventionally divided into two groups - primary and control. In the main group doctor examinees established friendly contact, often talked and was interested in their health. And in the control group the treatment was carried out on the existing medical template, without taking into account problems and violated the specific needs of the patient.

After the subjects were able to adapt to the supervising specialist, his style of communication and the management of patients during treatment, it became possible to begin an immediate investigation.

Further, by invoking pain syndrome (under the control MRI) and demonstration photos of their doctor has revealed the extent of the brain's response to pain. It was found that in the same group, with members whose doctor had established peace and trust, there was a decrease in the response of the anterior insular lobe of the brain to the manifestation of pain during the demonstration patients photos of their doctor.

This proved the inefficiency of one-sided standard medical approach to existing methods of treatment of humans. It was found that the quality of communication with the doctor, patient comfort, acceptance and understanding of the effectiveness and necessity of all therapeutic manipulation entire outcome of the treatment.

Soon it is planned to repeat the study in this area, but with the presence of a larger number of participants. It is quite possible that the results of this work will be amended in the treatment process to improve the moral side of medical ethics and emotional contact medical professionals with their patients.

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