Positive emotions also contribute to weight gain

Dutch scientists from the University of Maastricht established that obesity may be associated with positive emotions. Until then, experts have linked the consumption of large quantities of food with depression status, poor mood and anxiety. A recent study found that happy food lovers have a greater tendency to eat junk food than in the sad condition to consumers. That is why they are more likely to develop obesity, The Daily Mail reports.

Dutch scientists agree completely with the views of my colleagues on that in a stressful situation, the food, actually, eases emotional pain, but this effect lasts for a relatively short time. They state that in 75 percent of cases in overeating guilty negative emotions. In order to deal with the situation, researchers conducted a study involving 87 students. Experts assessed their dietary habits, and examined the state of their mental health. Then they were shown three films, the first of which was "Mr. Bean", evoke positive emotions, the second film about fishing, which caused a neutral emotion, and at the end of the film was shown in "the Green mile", the scene with the penalty, which left a negative impression.

At the end of each session, participants were asked to eat high-calorie foods (chips and chocolate). The researchers measured the number of calories consumed after each viewing. As it turned out, experiencing positive emotions volunteers consumed more calories than those who were under the impression of negativity.

According to the study authors, this discovery will help in the treatment of obesity, because of the importance of positive emotions as reasons for overeating before not taken into account.

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