Portrait photo close-up cause distrust

People of certain professions, actors, models, politicians are obliged to look good in my life and in pictures. You already know how to influence social opinion some moments pictures, for example, whether the person is smiling in the photo, or maintains a serious expression.

A new study by researchers from the California Institute of technology says that to make judgments about the person in the photo is also important that the distance between the photographer and his model. Experts argue, portraits close-up cause less credibility of the person depicted. The researchers analyzed the pictures 18 people. Each man was shot twice: near and at a distance from the photographer about 2 meters, so the first photo is within the personal space of the beholder, and the second is outside of it. The study leader, Professor Pietro Apron wanted to find out how to change the viewer's perception of the depicted model in the photo depending on the distance. Pictures closeup equalized with images made at greater distances, so that subjects were not distracted by the nuances of resolution and different lighting. However, it turned out that even a slight geometric distortions photos mattered.

Study participants noted, people shot closeup, less credible and not look so attractive and competent. Scientists believe that the results of their work may be of interest to many famous people and politicians, therefore, intend to create a program that can automatically analyze pictures, defining the distance shooting parties in any printed publication.

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