Pornography may cause deterioration of human memory

People suffering from pornotubekeu, you may experience loss of short term memory. German scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen conducted a study examining the part of the brain responsible for maintaining the information that is important to perform actions such as understanding, conducting interviews, making decisions, solving problems, and at the time of performing any task, writes The Daily Mail.

A group of 28 people (heterosexuals average age 26 years) at the request of scientists examined the image on the computer screen. The content of some of them were pornographic, and some neutral (laughed people engaged in sports or holding a weapon).

When viewing an image, followed by using the buttons "Yes" and "no" to answer the question, did the current picture, four pictures earlier. In the end, much was often mistaken volunteers involved in viewing pornographic images. On average, the correct answers were given in 67% of cases when viewing porn and 80%, when people looked for other pictures.

Not surprised by the fact that forgetfulness is common in some people with pornotubekeu. Apparently, the cognitive abilities of the negative impact of sexual excitement. There are grounds for assuming that watching porn includes in the brain areas responsible for emotion, arousal and attention. In the result of sexual excitement becomes an obstacle to the functioning of working memory.

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