Red meats cause major harm to the urinary system. About this tell researchers on the pages of the journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Recently the doctors have noted a marked increase in the incidence of chronic renal failure. According to the latest data, about 500 million people around the world have various abnormalities in the kidneys.

In the framework of his scientific work, researchers from Singapore have analyzed food preferences 60 thousand people with chronic renal failure. Especially scholars interested in how much red meat eat healthy people and people with kidney disease. The observation lasted for 15 years.

During this span of time of 60 000 people died, about one thousand. In a special risk group, scientists brought fans of red meat. The most common varieties – beef and pork. Excessive consumption of these foods the risk of renal failure increased by 40%. No replacement for red meat for eggs or beans back reduced the risk by 62%.

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