Popular vitamin complexes for expectant mothers

During pregnancy a woman is important to eat right to ensure the future of the child all the necessary elements, because this will depend on the health of the baby.

Therefore, the expectant mother should select a high quality vitamin complex corresponding to the individual characteristics of the organism.

There are many firms producing vitamins for pregnant women. Consider the most popular vitamin complexes for pregnant women.

What vitamin complex for pregnant women to choose?

"Pregnavit" is the most popular vitamins during pregnancy. It includes all the necessary vitamins for expectant mothers. The absence of iodine and trace elements is the main drawback.

"Elevit" - multivitamin complex, the main difference from our competitors is higher magnesium content. And magnesium is essential for pregnant women with threatened abortion. In this case, "Elevit" fits best. It also contains folic acid, which is essential for every pregnant woman. The disadvantages of this complex can be attributed to the absence of iodine.

"The alphabet" - vitamins are distinguished by the fact that tablets are part of the complex have their own color. This allows you to avoid pregnant women, those substances that may be allergic. The advantages of the "Alphabet" can be attributed to the presence of iodine. Folic acid can be found in sufficient number, which is a significant drawback.

"Vitrum, Prenatal is the most suitable complex of vitamins for pregnant women who have problems with anemia. It consists of iron, which is so necessary in the treatment of anemia. It also contains folic acid. The absence of iodine in the "Vitrum, Prenatal" can be attributed to shortcomings.

"Komplivit Mama" - in contrast to the complexes described above, it contains enough vitamins a, b , D and iodine, which puts him in the position below.

"Obscene" - vitamin complex contains iodine and folic acid, but it contains a lot of vitamin a and b, which can lead to allergic reactions. People prone to allergies, it is better to discard this complex.

Taking vitamins is important to remember that this medication, the use of which is necessary anxious to take, because it affects the health of the baby. Before the use of vitamins, consult your doctor.

Vitamins is an additional source of necessary elements and do not forget about proper nutrition. A pregnant woman needs every day, eating milk, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, grains and fats. And don't forget about daily walks in the fresh air.

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